Memorial Hill Restoration Committee

Memorial on Memorial Hill in Midway, UT


Q- I have a loved one whom I would like to submit their name to the memorial. What information do I need to give to you?

A- 1.The person must have been "called up" or joined while a resident of Wasatch County.
2.The person must have served in the Coast Guard, National Guard, Navy, Army, Marines, Airforce, or any of the reserves.
3.You will need to submit the DD214 as confirmation.
4.You will also need to submit proof of residence during that time.

Q- The person whom I want to have their name submitted didn't live in Wasatch County at that time. Can I still submit their name?

A- I'm sorry, we can only include names, on this memorial, of those who served as residents of Wasatch County.

Q- I'm not sure that i have the DD214. Is there any other way to verify?

A- Yes, please contact us and give us the persons Social Security Number and we can verify that way.

Q- Are you taking donations at this time?

A- Yes, we are happy to take donations. It will help us to keep the memorial up to date and provide maintenance for it, as well.


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